Removes trace ionic contamination from water to 18.2 megohm per cm.
Comparable to APS Mixed Bed Deionizer Filter MB1801
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This filter usually installed in pairs to produce highly purified water with low levels of ionic contamination in a barnstead lab water system. This filtration cartridge is designed to provide Ion free water without recontaminating the water with total organic carbon contamination. When used in proper combination this cartridge can produce water suitable for use in critical applications such as HPLC, Mammalian Cell Culture, Semi-Conductors, Pharmaceutical uses and laboratory use.

Materials of Construction

High purity heat fused polypropylene
Specially prepared Semi Conductor Grade Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin.

For use in Barnstead Brand Water Systems :

Barnstead Individual Housings
B-Pure Systems
E-Pure Systems
Nanopure II
Nanopure Analytical (quad
Nanopure Bioresearch (quad
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